Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container Conversions

A large part of our business, and one we particularly enjoy, is converting containers. They are strong, durable, flexible and portable so can serve a multitude of uses.
We have our own in-house team who have 30 years experience behind them. They can design and construct anything you require, to your own specification. 
Click on the above ‘our conversions’ drop down list to view just some of the conversions we have constructed. Also to give you some more idea’s of what can be done click on “Container Conversion Ideas” below.

We have our own in house team who can design and carry out shipping container conversions. This can be done to your own specification. It amazes us how many different uses containers can be put to. Here are a few other ideas:

Shipping Container Conversions Examples


This consists of 2 x 40fts joined together with one set of sliding patio doors and a glazed panel. The walls were insulated and lined in white washable melamine and the floor laid with vinyl. Air conditioning was installed to heat and cool the classroom. We also installed the shelving.


This is more elaborate. It consists of 2 x 40ft containers joined together creating a space of 16ft x 40ft. We insulated it and then lined it in white washable melamine, and installed vinyl flooring. We also installed air conditioning which served to heat and cool the unit depending on the season. The Head teacher wanted sliding patio doors and glazed panels to let in as much sunlight as possible. We were also asked to install the shelving for the books.


This is Kaisan School being constructed and installed. The apertures for the windows and doors were cut out in our Ockendon Workshop and the units were delivered to the school. We joined the two x 40ft  units together on site, sealed the joints and covered them both with plastic-coated roofing sheets in order to provide extra weather protection and create more internal insulation.  The patio windows and glass panels were then installed.

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