Shipping Container Rental

Would shipping container rental solve your short-term storage problem?

You can rent our shipping containers and have them delivered directly to your premises for a very low rate.
We have kept our hire pricing policy simple. One very low flat rate no matter how long or short the hire period. We like to keep things simple for us and our clients and therefore we do not have any complicated
 pricing structures and contracts. 
You can rent shipping containers either on our premises or your own.
Sizes available:
  • 10ft shipping containers
  • 20ft shipping containers
  • 40ft shipping containers
Shipping Container Rental

Get a shipping container rental price - 01277 215 100

Rent a 10ft Storage Container

Rent a 20ft Storage Container

Rent a 40ft Storage Container

Moving a storage container

If the container is to be delivered to your premises please consider the following:
  • Access – is it adequate 
  • Positioning- are there any obstructions preventing the off loading i.e. overhead cables, rubbish etc.
  • Groundwork- is there any soft ground. Hauliers are reluctant to go across grass.
For more information please consult our transport page.
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