Advice on New and Used Shipping Containers

new shipping containers

New containers are made to a very high specification and have only ever completed one sea journey from China to the UK, which means they have not been consistently exposed to salt water at sea. It is salt sea water that is the main cause of rust in second hand containers. There is very little difference between the price of new and second hand containers but there is a great deal of difference in quality, durability and appearance.

It is very unlikely that you will get condensation in a new container and for that reason we only use new units in our self storage yard. New 20ft containers have 5 vents each side which helps prevent the likelihood of condensation appearing.

Please be aware when purchasing new units they have been used new from the factory with cargo. Upon arrival there may be minor cosmetic scuffs and dents that will not have any impact on the function of the container or our pricing.
used shipping containers
Example of a used shipping container.

USED shipping containers

Second hand containers have normally completed a good 15 years constantly travelling the world before being sold. Being knocked about on the docks and corroded by salt sea water all take their toll on their appearance and sometimes their structure. However, if the goods you plan to store do not require pristine interiors and you are not too bothered about external appearances then second hand units will do the job.

USED containers Examples

See the pictures below of the two 20ft units. Both are 15 years old. The first (Container A) has spent its life travelling the world and the second (Container B) has just sat in our self storage yard and not endured constant exposure to salt water.
Used Shipping Container
Red Used 20ft Shipping Container

Container A

Red Used 20ft Shipping Container Inside

Container A

Blue Used 20ft Shipping Container

Container B

Blue Used 20ft Shipping Container Inside

Container B

As you can see from the pictures above the blue container that has only sat in our storage yard has no rust around the door seals (this is one of the first places rust will appear). It has no rust on it at all and no repair patches. Inside it is like new and outside it simply has faded slightly. Nothing a fresh coat of paint won’t rectify. Compare that to the one that has spent 15 hard years at sea.
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