Transporting Shipping Containers

Transporting a shipping container

We sub contract all our haulage requirements, giving us the freedom and flexibility to use the type of vehicle necessary to do the job.

It is imperative that prior to delivery you ensure that the ground is level. If not you may have problems opening and closing the container doors as they could become racked (ie like wardrobe doors). Before the driver leaves your site please check that the doors are easy to open and close. While he is there the driver can if necessary, help adjust the levels by lifting the container up from one corner. This will allow you to place perhaps a paving slab or something similar under one of the corner castings.
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Transport a 10ft Storage Container

Transport a 20ft Storage Container

Transport a 40ft Storage Container

Things to consider

In order to avoid any wasted haulage costs when booking haulage with us please advise the following:

  1. Are there any access problems or any overhead cables that could hinder the off loading?
  2. Please bear in mind the haulage vehicle will have to extend its out riggers in order to stabilise the vehicle during the off load. The vehicle is about 9ft wide and the out riggers will need to extend by about 6 to 8 feet.
  3. Most hauliers will not drive across soft ground so please advise us if this is required.
  4. Please also advise us if any of the following will be a problem; Low Bridges, Weight Restrictions, Parking restrictions i.e. on busy main roads etc, time restrictions. Will the site require a risk assessment? If so please note if a site visit is required this will be chargeable.
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