Work Pipeline Visibility Charter

We will provide work pipeline visibility across the supply chain to allow our suppliers to plan and invest with confidence, driving improvements in productivity, collaboration, and delivery of outcomes.

Committing to sharing work pipeline information with suppliers has been shown to increase collaboration and trust and increasing collaboration and trust creates an environment where work pipeline information can be shared without its exploitation.

By making our work pipeline visible to our suppliers we will:

  • Drive improvements in productivity by giving our suppliers sufficient time to plan the delivery of work efficiently and safely.
  • Help our suppliers manage changes in work volumes.
  • Increase the pace of delivery.
  • Create the conditions that mean our suppliers can make planning and investment decisions with confidence.
  • Increase supply chain collaboration and engagement whilst maintaining customer – supplier confidentiality.
  • Mitigate delivery risks associated with resource availability and constraints
  • Improve value for money and delivery of outcomes.

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