Garden room ideas

Some Garden Room Ideas​

Below you can find a selection of garden room ideas, all of the ideas are fantastic. What is it that you are looking for in your new garden room and what size space do you have for it to go into?

Open front garden rooms with double glazed, hinged doors or sliding doors, create a space that lets in lots of light.

Covered containers in wood or other metals meaning that the container can have additional insulation added to the container as well. This helps to keep the container either warm or cool on the inside.

Space does not have to be enclosed. You might decide that you want to use the space to protect you from the weather some of the time but not all of the time. As shown in the decking area in the bottom image.

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We have our own in house team who can design, convert, and construct not only containers but anything you may require in steel.

This can be done to your own specification. It amazes us how many different uses containers can be put to. We have over the years converted them into offices, schools, workshops, cafes, and bars. We have even used them in a children’s adventure park, as rifle archery ranges!

Make sure you head to our page of shipping container conversions as well before you leave, we also have classroom conversions and office conversions as well.

How can we help you build your garden room?

The Ultimate Shipping Container guide

This fantastic garden room idea on a multi-level garden with a room garden as well. Glazed end to the shipping container bringing in lots of light as well. Additional outside cladding to change the appearance of the container totally.
Click on the images below to see a larger version of the garden room ideas.

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