School Studio Built from 40ft Shipping Container

School Studio Built from 40ft Shipping Container

The students come to London East Alternative Provision at various points during their secondary schooling – usually because of their previous school placement having broken down, whether through ill-health, behaviour issues or other difficulties – frequently feeling less than positive about themselves and their life chances.

This recording studio has been created at the school to help unleash the student’s creative potential and serve to widen the breadth of their musical knowledge and understanding and to help them make better life choices and enjoy success in the future.

We cut a 40ft High cube into 25ft and 15ft creating a L shape to fit in a section of the playground, this had to be craned into position by our assured credit crane company which had to go over the sports hall to put it in its position

We then completed the internal fit out and installed extra insulation to help with the noise level, The bifold doors where then installed and a decking area to allow for performance to show cased outdoors

We lastly installed roller shutters to the entrance for safe keeping of all the recording equipment.

Its now ready for the students to be creative.

After having delivered and finished the school music container the client contacted us and asked us to construct two 10ft x 8 ft pods to be added to either end of the unit. 

We have our own in house team who can design, convert, and construct not only containers but anything you may require in steel. This can be done to your own specification. It amazes us how many different uses Containers can be put to. We have over the years converted them into offices, schools, workshops, cafes, bars, and even used them in a children’s adventure park, as rifle archery ranges!

How can we help you add additional classroom space for your school?

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