Confined Space Shipping Container Conversion

Confined Space Shipping Container Conversion

Our last project is a confined space container for a Leading accredited provider of compliance training This company gives training to the utilities and construction and defence sectors the confirmed space container helps familiarise the leaner to the dangers and risks in working within confined spaces keeping them safe.

The container helps the learner assess the dangers and risks around them and what to do in an emergency.

On this particular project we installed a 600 x 600 hatch on the top of the roof of the container access via stairs to a platform.

They then had a internal drop of 3 meters with an internal corridor of 12 meters all in complete darkness.

We installed an emergency exit door and a light system to allow the lights to be activated if anyone got stuck inside.

The container then had to be cladded on the outside to match its surroundings.

We have our own in house team who can design, convert, and construct not only containers but anything you may require in steel. This can be done to your own specification. It amazes us how many different uses Containers can be put to. We have over the years converted them into offices, schools, workshops, cafes, bars, and even used them in a children’s adventure park, as rifle archery ranges!

How can we help you add additional space inside a confined area for your business?

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